OneChewThree Pregnancy Milestone Plaques

Pregnancy is such a precious gift, why not celebrate each moment of your growing baby bump with these stunning pregnancy milestone plaques. 

Each set includes 12 plaques: twelve weeks, sixteen weeks, twenty weeks, twenty-four weeks, twenty-eight weeks, thirty weeks, thirty-two weeks, thirty-four weeks, thirty-six weeks, thirty-eight weeks, due date and officially overdue plaque. This is the perfect gift for a new expecting mother, packaged in a natural cotton calico bag. 


Measurements: 10cm x 4mm 

Australian plywood - as a natural product allow for variances in the grain.

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A TOY. Milestone plaques are for decorative purposes only. Do not display within reach of children. If using for photography purposes, use only under strict adult supervision. Do not allow baby to hold or mouth these products.