Wild Chase - Sweetheart Sandal

Sweetheart Sandal Collection

Shoes are accessories to make any outfit look amazing and girls just love shoes so why not jazz up your little ones outfit to complement the look!.

Our Sweetheart Collection of suede and textured leather sandals are perfect as an all year round shoe. This collection will certainly become an absolute favourite.  

  • 100% Genuine Leather (No PUfake leather)
  • Shoes are breathable and soft
  • The upper and lower insoles are all made fromnatural materials
  • Non slip rubber sole

Size Guide:


  • Size 3 =  13.4 cm  Insole size
  • Size 4 =  14.2 cm  Insole size
  • Size 5 =  15.0 cm  Insole size
  • Size 6 =  15.8 cm  Insole size

Please note:

Best size is a least 1 to 1.5 cm bigger than the length of the foot to allow room for growth

Please measure your little one’s foot to ensure the size is correct before placing an order to avoid disappoint and costs to exchange.